Photo: Hubble Space Telescope


Are you a UBC student who wants to be more involved with the UBC Astronomy Club but feel like you don't have enough experience?

Tasks like managing dark sky trips, promoting the club, running events, etc. are not simple. However, we always want to include new people in our club and make sure transitions as our executives graduate are as easy as possible. That's why some of our executives have started accepting apprentices — people who are committed to learning and making the club as successful and inclusive as it can be.

Experience is not required, however it is definitely an asset. As an apprentice, you will work closely with the VP(s) in that position. They will teach you how to do all of the aspects of their job and you will become familiar with club operations.

Note that just like being an executive, apprentices are volunteers and will not be paid, and are expected to pay the normal membership fee. In addition, while being an apprentice will hopefully make you very qualified for a position in our executive we are a democracy and it is by no means a guarantee that you will be elected to the position next year.

If you have questions or are interested in working with a position, send us an email or write us a message on Facebook. Tell us a little about yourself and why you think you would be good for this position. You can also come to our weekly meetings and talk to us there, and see how you like the club.

Here are the apprenticeships currently available:

VP Academic

Apprentices will:
  • Learn how to organize academic events.
  • Learn how to compose an email when contacting people of interest for the club.
  • Learn how to introduce the club and yourself in an event (i.e. lectures, etc.)

You would be working with:

There are two apprenticeships open for this position. Interested? See here.

VP External

Apprentices will:
  • Learn to contact elementary schools, businesses and student clubs for collaborations and outreach.
  • Learn to plan lessons for school visits.

You would be working with:

There are two apprenticeships open for this position. Interested? See here.

VP Promotions

Apprentices will:
  • Help manage and coordinate social media accounts.
  • Help design promotional material for the club and its events.
  • Help maintain and develop this website.

You would be working with:

There is one apprenticeship open for this position. Interested? See here.