Photo: Hubble Space Telescope

Our Executive

The UBC Astronomy Club — "We hear there are stars behind the clouds"

Rafi Meher — President

Rafi is a 4th year Integrated Sciences student spending his third year with the club. He’s developed an interest in astrobiology and humanity’s place in the universe and he is excited to watch as science and technology progresses as we approach a future within the stars. He sees the wide reach of astronomy as the perfect medium to connect all people and that humanity's collective pursuit to reach the stars is vital to a better future for everyone. When he’s not in a lab, he loves to watch the stars at every chance; and when the weather isn’t favourable for stargazing, Rafi likes to relax inside with friends and watch something equally as stellar.

Bryce Allen — VP Outreach

Bryce Allen is a 3rd year student in the faculty of science, studying Combined Honours Physics and Astronomy. He was born and raised in the Castlegar B.C area where his love for astronomy began when he viewed Saturn through a telescope for the first time. Since then he has been fascinated with all things in astronomy and physics and loves to photograph the night sky. When not star gazing or doing homework, Bryce is usually listening to the star talk radio podcast, editing photos, or playing kerbal space program.

Yvonn De Las Alas — VP Social

Hi! I’m Yvonn and I’m the VP Social for the club. I plan the social events that allows for everyone with varying degrees of interest and knowledge of astronomy to hang out. Please come and say hi! I look forward to meeting you!!

Lucas Kuhn — VP Observation

Lucas is a 2nd year student and an aspiring astronomy major at UBC. A Toronto native, Lucas has spent his whole life with his head in the stars hoping to one day be able to explore them himself. However, before that time comes, you can find him down here, on earth, either traveling, stargazing playing basketball, skateboarding, and probably cramming something school related in there too. I can assure you he is a pretty friendly guy so make sure to look out for him at our club’s observation events and bring him any astro related questions you may have.

Yuka Ma — VP Promotions

Yuka is a 2nd year Physics and Astronomy student from Tokyo. She’s been interested in space exploration and Astronomy ever since high school when she got the opportunity to take classes under a former NASA astronaut. She also enjoys physics and is trying to incorporate Computer Science into her studies as well. She loves getting to know new people and is most likely the person answering your Facebook messages sent to the club! In her free time, she plays the marimba, goes to concerts, or spends her time procrastinating on social media.

This executive is accepting an apprentice.

Yuze Zhang — VP Academic

Yuze Zhang is a 4th year undergrad student in Physics and Astronomy. He loves to explore the mystery of the Universe with both the public and the expertise. After three years in the field, he has experiences in basic theories and instrumentations in astrophysics. He also has been working with a professor in the field last summer. Besides astronomy, he also adventures different hobbies such as music and fictions. With 9 years practicing viola and violin, he's always ready for a conversation about Mozart, Beethoven, Tchaikovsky, Brahms, etc. He also likes to talk about the influence of science in general on music.

Husna Zaidi — Secretary

Husna is from Malaysia and is in her 2nd year at UBC, she’s also the secretary of the club! That means she’ll be typing the minutes on her laptop during meetings. She loves Physics very much and always consider Physics as her long-life partner (although she knows it has always been a one-sided love). Through the club, she hopes to spread the love for Astronomy and Physics to everyone so that more people can realize how cool the universe is.

Gurveen Kaur — Promotions Coordinator

Gurveen is a first year Arts student who still doesn’t know what she wants to major in. She does, however, know that she loves to look up at the sky and wonder how she ended up on this planet. She has hundreds of questions about everything in the Universe and as much as they terrify her, she still would love to know all the answers. DM our Instagram or Twitter to talk to her and maybe have some fun conversations about our beautiful Universe.

Kaitlyn Hagihara — General Officer

Kaitlyn is a First Year Arts student spending her first year with the Astronomy Club. Despite her primary focus in Arts, she is still interested in astronomy and computer science. She enjoys listening to music (Hippo Campus, Glass Animals, Bad Suns, etc.), hiking (when she is at home) and looking at pictures of her dog, who is- sadly- in Hawaii, where she is from.

Rashi Malhotra — General Officer

Rashi is a first year student from India hoping to major in Physics and Computer Science. Her love for astronomy began from online blogs, videos, and podcasts. The first time she looked through a telescope was when she realised that she’d like to pursue a career in the field. She loves to think about how there are certain aspects to physics which make our world seem almost fictional. Apart from gazing at the stars, Rashi enjoys watching anime, working out, and making video montages of her dog, Fifi.

Maryam Rahbaran — General Officer

Maryam is a 3rd year Combined Honours Physics and Astronomy student from Vancouver. Her lifelong curiosity about the Universe and how everything comes to be has led her to a passion for Astronomy and Physics. She loves reading and writing science fiction and dystopia, as well as art!

Eleanor Uyyek — General Officer

Eleanor is a 3rd year Astronomy major who is fascinated by everything to do with space. She loves the idea that humans, who are so small in the grand scheme of things, have developed ways to learn about things thousands of light years away and hopes to one day be able to contribute to those discoveries. Her bedroom ceiling is decorated with glow-in-the-dark star stickers. The funny thing is that up until about a year ago, she thought she wanted to major in mathematics— she was wrong.

Mia Kramer — Webmaster

Originally from Minnesota, Mia has been living in Vancouver for three full years now. She's in her 4th year at UBC studying astrophysics. She hopes to study the early universe or high energy physics. She has been involved with the club since first year and hopes to be until she leaves! Mia does promotions and web management with the club. She also enjoys hiking, composing, and drinking coffee.

Paniz Radjaee — Advisor

Paniz is from Iran and she loves (almost) everything about the stars! She super likes the fact that they're always there. They super also really show how arbitrary our problems (our existence?) are (is), but she doesn't like this bit. There are big equations that describe the stars' spin and mass, sadly she doesn't know what those are. What about you? Wanna learn about the stars and see them too? Hang with the Astronomy Club!

Katie Rink — Advisor

This is Katie's 5th year with the Astro club. She is an astronomy major with a minor in physics. Having decided on her career path at the ripe old age of 9, she hopes to pursue a research career in the field of cosmology. Originally from Michigan, she moved to Vancouver in hopes of seeing the mountains everyday (something the rain fights her on). Katie loves all things nature, yoga, and Lord of the Rings.

Maryum Sayeed — Advisor

Maryum is a 5th year student in Combined Honours in Physics & Astronomy. She’s been involved with the club since first year in various positions and will be continuing on as Advisor for the upcoming year. Maryum has always been astounded by the vast, beautiful and terrifying nature of the universe. To get to study the universe and uncover its secrets is a privilege. In her downtime, Maryum enjoys watching movies (specifically sci-fi), going on long walks and indulging in food.