Photo: Hubble Space Telescope

Our Executive

The UBC Astronomy Club — "We hear there are stars behind the clouds"

Katie Rink — President

This is Katie's fourth year with the Astro club. She is a physics major hoping to pursue a research career in the field of cosmology. Originally from Michigan, she moved to Vancouver in hopes of seeing the mountains everyday (something the rain fights her on). Katie loves all things nature, as well as yoga, traveling, and Lord of the Rings.

Bryce Allen — VP Outreach

Bryce Allen is a first year student in the faculty of science, and plans to enter the Combined Honours Physics and Astronomy program in his second year. Bryce was born and raised in the Castlegar B.C area where his love for astronomy began when he viewed Saturn through a telescope for the first time. Since then he has been fascinated with all things in astronomy and physics and loves to photograph the night sky. When not star gazing or doing homework, Bryce is usually listening to the star talk radio podcast, editing photos, or playing kerbal space program.

Mia Kramer — VP Promotions

Originally from Minnesota, Mia has been living in Vancouver for three full years now. She's in her fourth year at UBC studying astrophysics. She hopes to study the early universe or high energy physics. She has been involved with the club since first year and hopes to be until she leaves! Mia does promotions and web management with the club. She also enjoys hiking, composing, and drinking coffee.

This executive is accepting apprentices.

Joyce Liang — VP Observational

Joyce is a 2nd(3rd?) year pursuing a BSc in Combined Physics and Computer Science. She has set up a gofundme to jettison her weak flesh body into space(*wink wink Elon Musk*). Space is pretty cool but so is existential despair which is her current emotional state. This is her second year in the UBC Astronomy club.

Maryam Rahbaran — VP Academic

Maryam is a 2nd year Astronomy student from Vancouver. Her lifelong curiosity about the Universe and how everything comes to be has led her to a passion for Astronomy and Physics. She loves reading and writing science fiction and dystopia, as well as art!

Rafi Meher — Social Media Manager

Rafi is a third-year integrated science student, integrating immunology and physiology. This is his first year with the club. For quite some time, he has been interested in astrobiology and humanity's place in the universe, both currently and in the far future. He enjoys watching as science and technology progress closer to a future where humans may become a multi-planetary species and he is interested in broadening our understanding of the universe around us. Past these large ideas, he simply enjoys staring at the stars.

Paniz Radjaee — General Officer

Paniz is from Iran and she loves (almost) everything about the stars! She super likes the fact that they're always there. They super also really show how arbitrary our problems (our existence?) are (is), but she doesn't like this bit. There are big equations that describe the stars' spin and mass, sadly she doesn't know what those are. What about you? Wanna learn about the stars and see them too? Hang with the Astronomy Club!

This executive is accepting apprentices.

Steffani Grondin — Advisor

Steffani is combining her passion for physics, astronomy and commerce in the Bachelor of Science and Master of Management Dual Degree program. Originally wanting to pursue a career in medicine, Steffani’s interest in astronomy was sparked after reading Stephen Hawking’s ‘A Brief History of Time’ the summer before university. Since then, she has become infatuated with neutron stars, black holes, and the search for life outside of our solar system. When she is not gazing into the cosmos, you can find Steffani eating tacos, playing guitar, and vibing out to David Bowie tunes.

Ronan Kerr — Advisor

Ronan has been enthralled by the wonder of the universe for most of his life, and that interest has led him to UBC’s Physics and Astronomy program. He is fascinated by the fundamental nature of astronomy’s questions, and loves astronomy’s ability to provide insight into the origins of the universe around us. When not stargazing or astro-imaging, you can find Ronan doing schoolwork in the physics building, staying updated on current events and politics, or playing DnD. This is his fourth year with the Astronomy Club executive, having previously served as President for two terms, and he hopes to continue to expand the presence of astronomy at UBC and beyond.