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Member Signup

To officially become a member of our club please purchase your member "ticket" by either clicking here or going to this link

Please purchase one of the 2 types of "tickets": Student Membership or Non-Student Membership. Respectively, the student memberships are only for current students enrolled at UBC while the non-student memberships are for anyone and everyone else. If you are a UBC student, please make sure you include your student number when asked upon the purchase of your membership. If you are not a student and are purchasing a non-student membership, please write "N/A" in the allocated section. Both types of memberships are valid from the time of purchase to 11:59pm PST on August 31st 2021.
Due to the fact that a majority of our club's events will be held virtually through several different online platforms, we as a club have decided to temporarily decrease our standard membership cost until September 1st 2021. Our student memberships are now worth $5.00 CAD and our non-student memberships are worth $10.00 CAD.
In becoming a member of the UBC Astronomy Club, you are subject to the following percs:

  • Free entrance to ALL UBC Astronomy Club events until August 31st 2021 (including but not limited to, astrophotography workshops, starry nights virtual tours, games night, lecture series, and more).
  • Discounts on our club merchandise.
  • Special promotional discounts with the clubs sponsorship partners.
  • And More!

For any questions regarding memberships, please reach out to us at 
Clear skies and thank you for choosing to become a member of our amazing club!

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